Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assignment 3 - Art Gallery - Gallery Interior

Assignment 3 - Art Gallery - Courtyard

An example of a sculpture (not my drawing)

In this image you can clearly see the two entrances to the gallery space (left) as well as the stair access to the cafe along the back wall (this also provides seating) and the opening to the loading dock ((on the right) which would have a door on it)

staircase to gallery mezzanine

Assignment 3 - Art Gallery - Fecades

Final Front facade. Fusing intrigue with viewing opportunities, inviting the passerby in. Entering on a second level mezzanine creates both a unique viewing perspective and an overall exciting experience.

Rear facade. This is all The owners house and functions separately to the gallery space whilst maintaining an artistic and aesthetic style. I need to put a pathway across the grass from the road but that's just a practicality. At the moment this area is the Franklin's loading dock.

Assignment 3 - Art Gallery - plan

Second story floor plan
First story Floor plan
I chose sight 3 located at 259 King St Newtown. At the moment the sight is a franklins.

original scale: 1:100

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introduction to Assessment 2

For a while i was trying to decide between two very different ideas. My decision was ultimately based on which would be more reasonable to build well within the allocated time. This idea was based around the narrative of Davy Jones. In this story an aging sea captain faces a storm of weather and guilt for past sins. His seemingly impossible survival fills him with a sense of disappointment and the realisation that he can no longer live like this. As a result, he wants to settle down, he needed a place where he could close his eyes and truly feel at home. I also drew inspiration from songs by secret and whisper called "great white whale" and "werewolves" (actually the whole album was fairly influential)

Basically the main driving forces behind the design of this structure are as follows

- Create a home, not just a house
- Provide an echo of the sea in it's design without being cliche or overly symbolic
- Draw from the dynamic nature of the sea (seen in the wave like form) and also from the familiar materials and textures associated with ships and the ocean
- At all times try to create something beautiful and elegant where a man and his family could be at peace.

(I have all the plans and sections seen in my presentation but they are unable to be scanned onto the computer, if you need to see them for marking purposes please contact me and i can give you the hard copies)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The astronomer

These were some pictures i was thinking about for inspiration when i was designing my alternate narrative.